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🎟 The registrations for the FHE.org conference 2023 are now open here.


We are a community of researchers and developers interested in advancing Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) and other secure computation techniques. If you want to learn more about FHE, make sure to:

FHE.org conference 2023

FHE.org conference

Previous talks and meetups

Date Title Author/presenter
2023.01.24 On the Hardness of the Finite Field Isomorphism Problem Antoine Joux
2022.12.13 Introducing CryptoLabs's FHE library: HEaaN Taekyung Kim
2022.11.22 Estimating the Difficulty of Breaking Lattice-Based Cryptography Martin Albrecht
2022.10.25 Real-world deployment of FHE-based private information retrieval Samir Menon
2022.09.27 FHE based on the NTRU problem: challenges and new constructions Hilder Vitor Lima Pereira
2022.07.07 Homomorphic Large Precision Integers Using Concrete Jean-Baptiste Orfila
2022.05.29 FHE.org conference 2022 FHE.org
2022.04.28 Single-Trace Side-Channel Attack on SEAL Homomorphic Encryption Library Furkan Aydin
2022.03.29 Verifiable Computation over Encrypted Data: SNARKs and more Anca Nitulescu
2022.02.25 Single-server private information retrieval using homomorphic encryption Muhammad Haris
2022.01.20 An overview of Hybrid Homomorphic Encryption Orel Cosseron and Clément Hoffmann
2021.12.21 FHE at the speed of light Florent Michel
2021.11.23 Why we need revolutionary hardware for FHE Rosario Cammarota
2021.09.30 Private Set Intersection via somewhat homomorphic encyrption Ilia Iliashenko
2021.09.30 Running Numpy programs homomorphically Rand Hindi, Ayoub Benaissa and Samuel Tap
2021.08.26 Google's C++ to FHE Transpiler Shruthi Gorantala and Rob Springer
2021.05.20 FHE development tools Alexander Viand
2021.04.15 TFHE deep dive Ilaria Chillotti
2021.01.27 Introduction to MPC Yehuda Lindell
2020.11.04 Introduction to FHE Pascal Paillier

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