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Presenters can add their own presentation resources here (pdfs, powerpoints, poster images, etc). Videos will be added by the team directly. If you need help adding or hosting your resources, please reach out to the team at contact@fhe.org on discord.


Session Topic Presenters/Authors Resources
Privacy-Preserving Functional Database Exploration with Lattigo Jean-Philippe Bossuat Slides / Video
An SQL-based Data Analysis Platform using Homomorphic Encryption Donghoon Yoo and Joohyung Lee Slides / Video
The HEIR Compiler Jeremy Kun and Asra Ali Slides / Video
Designs for Practical Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Schemes Based on Ring-LWR Madalina Bolboceanu, Anamaria Costache, Erin Hales, Rachel Player, Miruna Rosca, and Radu Titiu Slides / Video
Large Domain Homomorphic Evaluation in Levelled Mode Jean-Philippe Bossuat and Malika Izabachène Slides / Video
Revisiting Key Decomposition Techniques for FHE: Simpler, Faster and More Generic Mariya Georgieva Belorgey, Sergiu Carpov, Nicolas Gama, Sandra Guasch, and Dimitar Jetchev Slides / Video
BASALISC: Programmable Hardware Accelerator for BGV and CKKS FHE - An Interim Design Update David Archer, Robin Geelen, and Michiel Van Beirendonck Slides / Video
On Circuit Private, Multikey and Threshold Approximate Homomorphic Encryption Kamil Kluczniak and Giacomo Santato Slides / Video
Plug-and-play Sanitization for TFHE Florian Bourse and Malika Izabachène Slides / Video
HELIOPOLIS: Verifiable Computation Over HE Data from Interactive Oracle Proofs is Practical Diego F. Aranha, Anamaria Costache, Antonio Guimarães, and Eduardo Soria-Vazquez Slides / Video
Security Guidelines for Implementing Homomorphic Encryption Jean-Philippe Bossuat, Rosario Cammarota, Jung Hee Cheon, Ilaria Chillotti, Benjamin R. Curtis, Wei Dai, Huijing Gong, Erin Hales, Duhyeong Kim, Bryan Kumara, Changmin Lee, Xianhui Lu, Carsten Maple, Alberto Pedrouzo-Ulloa, Rachel Player, Luis Antonio Ruiz Lopez, Yongsoo Song, Donggeon Yhee, and Bahattin Yildiz Slides / Video
TFHE Simplified: A Practical Guide to Integer Arithmetic and Reliability Ilaria Chillotti, Sarah El Kazdadi, Damien Ligier, Arthur Meyre, Thomas Montaigu, Jean-Baptiste Orfila, and Samuel Tap Slides / Video
AutoFHE: Automated Adaption of CNNs for Efficient Evaluation over FHE Wei Ao and Vishnu Naresh Boddeti Slides / Video
Revisiting Oblivious Top-k Selection with Applications to Secure k-NN Classification Kelong Cong, Robin Geelen, Jiayi Kang, and Jeongeun Park Slides / Video
Estimating the Difficulty of Breaking Lattice-Based Cryptography Prof. Martin Albrecht (Kings College London, Sandbox AQ) Slides / Video


Poster Topic Presenters/Authors Resources
At Last! A Homomorphic AES Evaluation in Less than 30 Seconds by Means of TFHE Aymen Boudguiga, Daphné Trama, Pierre-Emmanuel Clet, and Renaud Sirdey View
Breaking the power-of-two barrier: noise estimation for BGV in NTT-friendly rings Andrea Di Giusto and Chiara Marcolla View
Convolution-friendly Image Compression in FHE Axel Mertens, Georgio Nicolas, and Sergi Rovira View
Edit distance in the encrypted domain Ingrid Verbauwhede, Jan-Pieter D'Anvers, and Wouter Legiest View
Faster Parameter Selection for FHE Chiara Marcolla, Elena Kirshanova, and Sergi Rovira View
Game of Life, Revisited Benoit Chevallier-Mames and Umut Şahin View
Hardware-Accelerated Encrypted Credit Card Fraud Check Florent Michel, Jakub Ziarno, Joseph Wilson, Nicholas New, Shuhao Yang, Thanh-Huyen Nguyen, and Victor Lisinski View
Homomorphic Integer Division for TFHE Amit Deo, Marc Joye, and Olivier Bernard View
Liberate.FHE: A New FHE Library for Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice with a Focus on Performance and Accuracy Donghoon Yoo, Hanyul Ryu, and Juwhan Kim View
Low Latency Evaluation of AES via (leveled) TFHE Benqiang Wei, Kunpeng Wang, Ruida Wang, Xianhui Lu, and Zhihao Li View
Making FHE hardware-acceleration-friendly (and vice versa) Furkan Turan, Ingrid Verbauwhede, Jan-Pieter D'Anvers, and Michiel Van Beirendonck View
Multi-Objective Arithmetization and Composition of Common Primitives for Homomorphic Encryption Jelle Vos, Mauro Conti, and Zekeriya Erkin
Neural Network Training on Encrypted Data with TFHE Andrei Stoian, Celia Kherfallah, Jordan Frery, Luis Montero, and Roman Bredehoft View
Novel uses cases enabled by FHE in Blockchain Remi Gai View
Optimized Homomorphic Evaluation of Boolean Functions and Concrete Application on Cryptographic Primitives David Pointcheval, Matthieu Rivain, Nicolas Bon, and Sonia Belaïd View
Robust FHE in Practice Alexander Viand, Anwar Hithnawi, and Christian Knabenhans
The Inhibitor: ReLU and Addition-Based Attention for Efficient Transformers under Fully Homomorphic Encryption on the Torus Andrei Stoian and Rickard Brännvall View
Towards Practical FHE Calculations Integrity by Means of Rinocchio Caroline Fontaine, Marc Renard, Oana Stan, and Renaud Sirdey View
Towards Verifiable Bootstrapping in Practice - Proving Correct Execution of TFHE’s Blind Rotation using plonky2 Louis Tremblay Thibault and Michael Walter View