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An overview of Hybrid Homomorphic Encryption

by Orel Cosseron and Clément Hoffmann - 20.01.2022

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Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) has long been considered the crown jewel of cryptology and it is only recently that efficient solutions have started to emerge. Being as it is, the current state of the art of FHE still comes along with a huge expansion factor that implies an overload both in computation time and bandwidth usage.

Hybrid Homomorphic Encryption, or transciphering, aims to solve the latter issue by combining the efficiency of light symmetric schemes with the computational power of FHE. In this talk, we will present an history of HHE, talk about the latest advances in the domain and address the issues that are yet to be solved.

The speaker

Orel Cosseron & Clément Hoffmann

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