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Estimating the Difficulty of Breaking Lattice-Based Cryptography

by Martin Albrecht - 22.11.2022

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In this talk Martin will give an introduction to estimating the difficulty of breaking constructions in lattice-based cryptography, with a focus on Learning with Errors and related problems. Martin will give an introduction to the algorithms available, how we cost them and how the Lattice Estimator at https://github.com/malb/lattice-estimator/ aims to make this accessible.

The speaker

Martin R. Albrecht is currently a professor in the Information Security Group and the director of the Cryptography Group; He’ll soon join King’s College London and work for SandboxAQ. His research is focused on all aspects of cryptography from the hard mathematical problems underlying it to the cryptanalysis of deployed cryptographic protocols and implementations. His recent work focuses on lattice-based and post-quantum cryptography, block ciphers for algebraic platforms and attacks on cryptographic protocols. He is also a contributor to the Sage Mathematics Software and other open-source projects, especially for lattice-based cryptography. His Erdős–Bacon Number is six.

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