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An Optical Hardware Accelerator for FHE

by Joseph Wilson - 2023.06.15

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At Optalysys, we are developing a hardware accelerator for Lattice-Based Cryptography, primarily dedicated to FHE. What sets our technology apart from other approaches is the use of a different physical phenomena, namely electro-magnetic wave interference, as the core compute engine. In specific situations, the interference pattern is precisely a Fourier transform, allowing the evaluation of this function in a fully parallel way with virtually no power dissipation. Our line of products under development, the Etech, combines optical cores making use of this optical Fourier transform with digital electronic components for performing non-Fourier operations and interfacing with a host system.

The main aim of this meet-up is to provide a space for anyone interested, from experts in FHE and/or optical computing to beginners who are just curious about our approach, to ask questions on the poster we presented at the 2023 FHE.org conference and/or other aspects of our technology and how it fits in the broader development of FHE. We would also like to take this opportunity to further engage with the FHE.org community and trigger discussions about how companies, researchers, or anyone else interested in FHE working on hardware accelerators, software implementations, or potential applications can combine their efforts to unlock the potential of FHE in the near future.

From a practical point of view, we plan to start with a brief presentation of our technology and roadmap, and leave most of the time for questions and discussions.

About the speaker

Dr Joseph Wilson is the VP for Applications at Optalysys. His focus lies at the intersection between the technical and commercial aspects of developing an FHE accelerator system, with an emphasis on the deployment environment and the development of infrastructure tooling for FHE and other PETs.

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