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# Faster TFHE Bootstrapping with Block Binary Keys #### by Seonhong Min - 2023.09.14 #### Video recording (Youtube) | Slides (Github) | Join the discussion (Discord) ![Meetup 033 cover](https://github.com/FHE-org/fhe-org.github.io/assets/37557436/66f49cb5-2a41-42df-8a20-cb67889cb95e) # Abstract TFHE bootstrapping can be accelerated from a structured secret key, called the block binary keys. Furthermore, the size of the public key is reduced from re-using secret key and balanced gadget decomposition. # About the speaker Seonhong Min is in 1st year Ph.D student in Computer science (Cryptography) at Seoul National University. His main research area is Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) / Multi-party Computation (MPC). # Never miss an update The newsletter where we post community announcements: https://fheorg.substack.com/ The discord server where you can discuss FHE related topics with the community: https://discord.fhe.org Make sure to join either (or both) of these to stay informed about future events!