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fhEVM: Confidential EVM Smart Contracts using Fully Homomorphic Encryption

by Morten Dahl - 2023.09.21

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There used to be a dilemma in blockchain: keep your application data on-chain and allow everyone to see it, or keep it private off-chain and lose contract composability.

Thanks to a breakthrough in homomorphic encryption, it now is possible to run smart contracts on encrypted data, guaranteeing both confidentiality and composability. Morten Dahl will explain how Zama integrated FHE to EVM and do an overview of the use cases this integration enables.

About the speaker

Morten Dahl leads the team at Zama building confidential blockchains using FHE. With a background in secure computation and cryptography, he has spent close to the past decade applying and adapting techniques from these fields to real-world use cases.

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