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FHE ring packing - affordable and convenient

by Jaehyung Kim - 2023.11.02

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Most FHE schemes can be classified as LWE-based schemes for granularity and RLWE-based schemes for throughput. Converting LWEs to RLWEs has been an interest of many works including [CGGI17], [CDKS21], and [LHH+21], but none of them properly adapted to the FHE setting. We introduce the result of our paper [BCK+23] that defines the FHE ring packing, provides optimizations, and proposes a new ring packing method.

About the speaker

Jaehyung Kim is a research engineer at CryptoLab. Since joining CryptoLab in 2021, he has been maintaining the HEaaN library and working on optimizing and adding functionalities to homomorphic encryption.

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