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Lattigo v5: Deep Dive

by Jean-Philippe Bossuat - 2023.12.07

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The presentation will be about Lattigo and its v5 major release. It will introduce Lattigo but will in majority be about the v5 and how it expands the capabilities of the library in the hands of new or experienced users.

The v5 is the biggest release yet and is a major refactoring of the library that introduces a new engineering philosophy aimed at providing a simple but effective API for new users while at the same time enabling advanced users to providing custom implementations in a plug and play fashion for subroutines (e.g. adding concurrency to linear transformations).

The v5 also expands the supported arithmetic, such as sign, step, min, max, inverse, support for quadruple precision encrypted arithmetic, full refactoring of the CKKS bootstrapping (a topic on its own), automorphism-based blind rotations, but also expands the supporting package of the library, for example by adding the the multi-interval Remez approximation algorithm.

About the speaker

Jean-Philippe Bossuat is a cryptography software engineer at Tune Insight SA and co-author and maintainer of the Lattigo library.

His work focuses on researching, designing, implementing and optimizing FHE-based applications for B2B privacy preserving analytics and machine learning.

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