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A New Perspective on Key Switching for BGV-like Schemes

by Johannes Mono - 2024.02.22

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Fully homomorphic encryption is a promising solution for privacy-preserving computation. For BFV, BGV, and CKKS, three state-of-the-art fully homomorphic encryption schemes, key switching is one of the primary bottlenecks. This talk will dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of key switching, introduce an improved asymptotic complexity, highlight novel opportunities for optimization and will teach you, how to optimally choose parameters.

About the speaker

Johannes Mono is a research assistant at Ruhr University Bochum pursuing a PhD in IT security within the area of homomorphic encryption. His research in homomorphic encryption tackles performance in theory and practice, the efficient mapping of use cases to the homomorphic realm and automization efforts which improve usability.

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