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Fast Blind Rotation for Bootstrapping FHEs

by Dai Yiran - 2024.03.07

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Bootstrapping is currently the only way to achieve fully homomorphic encryption, and the efficiency of bootstrapping directly determines the efficiency bottleneck of fully homomorphic encryption. In the past 10 years, many domestic and foreign scholars and experts have been studying how to improve bootstrapping efficiency and thereby break through the efficiency bottleneck of fully homomorphic encryption.

In particular, the GSW-based bootstrapping algorithm has attracted much attention due to its fast calculation speed and low storage cost. This report will introduce a new GSW-like bootstrapping algorithm. The performance of this algorithm is independent of the key distribution in an asymptotic sense, and is superior to the internationally renowned algorithms AP and GINX ( Especially for larger key distributions).

About the speaker

Dai Yiran (1998-), a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Information Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is currently visiting the State Key Laboratory of Cryptozoology Science and Technology. Her research focus is on fully homomorphic encryption.

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