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On the Concrete Security of Approximate FHE Schemes with Noise-Flooding Countermeasures

by Hunter Kippen - 2024.05.02

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This talk covers recent work on enumerating the risks involved with deploying approximate homomorphic encryption, with CKKS as a case study. The provably secure noise flooding levels used as a countermeasure for Li-Micciancio style attacks often leave insufficient message precision available for applications. This talk will discuss the impact of smaller noise levels on the concrete security of underlying LWE instances and how this may help set policy for deployments.

About the speaker

Hunter recently defended his thesis at the University of Maryland under the supervision of Professor Dana Dachman-Soled. His research interests have mainly focused on the security of lattice problems under partial information leakage. He will be joining Samsung Research America in June to contribute to the next generation of the Knox security suite.

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