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Functional bootstrapping for FV style cryptosystems

by Sonheong Min - 2024.05.30

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A new bootstrapping framework for the Fan-Vercuteren (FV) scheme, called the functional bootstrapping will be introduced in the presentation. This framework provides more generic and advanced functionality than the ordinary bootstrapping method. More specifically, the functional bootstrapping allows us to evaluate an arbitrary function while removing the error of an input ciphertext. Therefore, a better depth consumption and computational complexity can be achieved as the evaluation of a circuit can be integrated as part of the functional bootstrapping procedure. In particular, this approach extends the functionality of FV since it is even applicable to functions between different plaintext spaces.

About the speaker

Seonhong Min is in 2nd year Ph.D student in Computer science (Cryptography) at Seoul National University. His main research area is Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) / Multi-party Computation (MPC).

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